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oregon brain injury attorneysA traumatic brain injury may result from an assortment of causes, a unexpected blow to the head, a aggressive shaking of the head and/or body or yet a mild concussion. Brain injuries could range from the really severe to the barely perceptible. In severe cases, harmful brain injuries may also lead to a vegetative state, coma or death.

Just about 50% of every traumatic brain injury case in the United States were caused by automobile accidents. Brain injuries may also be caused by medical negligence.

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If you or someone you love suffered a serious brain injury, whether or not you know the cause, you need an knowledgeable brain injury attorney to carry an investigation into the contexts of your case. Even if you believe the trauma was the consequence of natural causes, like a stroke, you still might be eligible to lifetime damages. We're available for a complimentary consultation to assess your brain injury case.

In cases regarding brain injuries, you want to hire the proper attorney who's capable to evaluate and handle all of the crucial considerations which come up while representing clients who have endured brain injuries. To ascertain the correct damages and the maximum compensation you're entitled to, you want attorneys who are knowledgeable in understanding the nature and extent of the injuries and subsequent damages. Our knowledgeable brain injury attorneys are able to go over your medical documentation, engage the right medical experts who will testify successfully about your brain injury, how it was caused and the damaging effects on your life.

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