oregon dog bite injury attorneys

Dog Bite Injury in Oregon and Washington

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oregon dog bite injury attorneys

Dog bite claims fall into the area of personal injury law, when an injured party has got the legal rights to attempt compensation for wounds caused by a dog bite.

The fact that a dog does not have prior attacks, or that the owner has no awareness of a dog's viciousness does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation.

Compensation for a dog bite may include payment for doctors bills, pain and suffering, mental anxiousness, fear, scarring disfigurement.

If a dog has assaulted you or a loved one, you're entitled to compensation for your damages. It's advisable to consult with an knowledgeable dog bite attorney who may assist you in understanding your legal rights and choices.

You need to hire the right attorney who is experienced with dog bites. An attorney who is capable of precisely evaluating the scope of your injury in order to find out the amount of damages and the maximum compensation you're entitled to. Our dog bite attorneys are experts and will be competent to review your medical documentation, employ the right medical experts who will testify about your dog bite, how it was caused and the damaging effects on your life.

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