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Maritime Injury Attorney in Oregon and Washington

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maritime injury attorneyAdmiralty and maritime law is a complicated area governed by a assortment of federal statutes. Your opportunities and rights to recuperate monetary compensation under the Jones Act and additional maritime laws can be a great deal different than those in any other kind of injury case.

Besides hundreds of cases regarding barges, tugboats, fishing boats, and other vessels on U.S. waterways, our attorneys at RAY BRADLEY have managed several maritime law cases. If you require a lawyer to assess your maritime injury claim, contact our law firm today.

We concentrate on serious maritime accidents and injuries. You will be able to depend on our ability to manage your case:

  • Jones Act claims, in addition to third-party personal injury litigation, for maritime workers injured working on U.S. waterways or docks
  • Shore-based maritime injuries are best addressed through 33 U.S.C.A. §905(b) claims against a watercraft as a third party or party different than the employer
  • International maritime injuries
  • Fatal maritime accidents leaving behind families without financial support and companionship