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Todd Messinger - Our Airplane Accident Investigator

Todd Messinger

Certificate: Commercial Pilot; Certified Flight Instructor CFII

Ratings: Airplane, Single and Multi engine Land, Instrument, Airplane

4400 total flight hours, 100 multi-engine, PIC, 1000 Business & Pleasure, 3300 hrs, FAR-135 Air Taxi-Charter Operations

Flight Training, 1976, Western Skyways, FAR 141, Long Beach, CA

Corporate pilot, Aviation insurance sales. American Aviators-East Side Insurance, Long Beach, CA 1976-1982, 1987. Flew Company  personnel between Southern California and Texas and other offices in CA-AZ

Flight Instructor, primary, commercial, instrument, Western Skyways, Long Beach, CA 1978-1982

FAR-135 Pilot, Roseburg Skyways, Roseberg, OR. 1983-1985 flight instructor, aircraft and avionics sales. Using general aviation aircraft, Flew charters from Mazatlan Mexico to Northern BC, Canada and throughout Western US, WA, OR, CA, MT, ID, NV, CO, AZ, NM. Operating charters, air taxi flights out of major West Coast airports, SAN, SFO, PDX, SEA, LAS and other large airports with much IMC operations. Flew bush pilot operations into unimproved back country airstrips, OR, ID, Northern CA.

Roseburg Skyways contracted with U.S Forest Service, BLM, and US Immigration. Flew fire suppression operations, fire lookout, transported US Immigration prisoners from Oregon.

FAR-135 Pilot, Chester Airport Inc, Chester CT. 1986 Flew FAR-135 operations from Maine to DC, operating charter air-taxi flights using General aviation aircraft flying into such East Coast airports as EWR, PHL, JFK, LGA, TET, YYT (Toronto) BUF and other numerous municipal and general aviation airports in New England and Mid Atlantic states. Chester contracted with Time-Life, Inc. to distribute supplies to its printing operations in Eastern US, and Canada, requiring substantial night flying in much IMC conditions.

FO, American Eagle, San Luis Obispo, 1986, Fairchild Metro III

Multiple PIC hours in Cessna 210, P210 182, 206, 172, Piper PA-28, PA-28R, PA 23, PA 32R.

Air Search & Rescue missions, Wing Air Safety officer, mission check pilot, check pilot. OR Wing, Civil Air Patrol, U.S, Air Force Auxiliary, 1983-1985.